A Little Lovely Company: Black Leaves Wall Hooks

Wooden wall hooks in the shape of black leaves! Give your wall a trendy look with these Little Lovely leaves hooks. And they are also very functional! Who doesn't like to hang up his coat and bag on these cute hooks? Also available in white.

Lovely tip: Also convenient for your jewelry to hang.

The hooks are easy to install, and come with screws. Mix ‘n match with our other hooks for a trendy effect.

  • Sizes: 5.9 x 10 cm, 6.1 x 10 cm
  • Contents: 2 hooks with screws
  • Good to know: Different wall materials require different types of wall plugs. This is why a plug is currently not included. The plug that is included is for protective purposes only (to stop the screw from damaging the packaging).

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