Far East Local Made Socks: Organic Pile Socks, Grey

"Far East, Local Made" socks are made in Nara Prefecture, near Kyoto. Nara is famous for it's sock production. These super comfy socks are knitted by a special machine using a unique process that allows the inside to be very soft and cozy.
● The inner part of the socks are made of high quality organic cotton with no dyes, using a super soft-special washing method called "Soaping". Pile knit for comfort.
outer part of sock is poly/cotton.

About Organic cotton
● No fertilizers or pesticides
● Harvested at full growth
● Increases durability
● Moisture wicking and breathable
● Soft and comfortable year around

S (6-7.5 in)
M (7-8.5 in)
L (9-10.5 in)

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