Planet-E Socks: Sneaker Socks, Heather Grey/Red

Made in Japan

About Planet E

Planet E socks are crafted and designed using organic materials by highly skilled artisan in Nara, famous for producing the best socks in Japan.


Planet E socks are made using only natural materials such as cotton and hemp. Using natural fibers are not only proven to be just as good as high- performance synthetic fibers, but also make for a more breathable and flexible sock for better fit.


Most standard socks are produced by a 180-needle knitting machine. Planet E socks, however, are made using a vintage 60-needle knitting machine, originally imported from US. Due to its intricacy, this particular sewing machine can only be operated by a select few of highly skilled artisans. Combining the machines rarity and attention to detail, artisans are able to create these high quality, one-of-a-kind socks.

S (12-14 cm)
M (15-17 cm) 
L (18-21 cm)

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