Swankaroo x Kira Bats Crazy Backpack

Swankaroo x Kira Collaboration

The perfect hiding place for your little one's toys and snacks, these limited edition backpacks are worth the wait! Designed with adventures and playtime in mind, Swankaroo and Kira bring you an exclusive Swankaroo backpack printed with Kira's Bats Crazy all over pattern. Constructed with faux leather bottom and a heavy cotton twill for the body, this backpack is durable and easy to clean. The lined inside of the backpack makes it easy to flip, shake out and wipe down. Cotton straps are adjustable and flap includes a plastic snap closure.

Please note:

Ship date: All backpacks will be shipped by week of October 6.

Pack dimensions: 11" height x 9" width

Please note that these backpacks are made for Ages 1-5 and are not intended for grade school use.

Care: Backpacks are not to be machine washed. Hand spot-clean with water or Woolite mild detergent